September 20th, 2021

Attention Millennial golfers: Live the life you crave in Grande Dunes!

The waves of the Atlantic Ocean ripple and splash up onto the shiny, sun-bathed sands of the Myrtle Beach coastline and, while soaking up the radiant rays with your family or friends, you are reflecting on the terrific 18-holes you just conquered. For Millennials who love golf, this could be your life living in Grande Dunes – especially if you can work remotely from anywhere.

Millennials, right now is the perfect time for you to check out our unique golf neighborhood, Members Club Enclave. Encompassing our newly-remastered 18-hole Nick Price Championship Course, Members Club Enclave is a new construction neighborhood featuring custom homes set in a secluded oasis with stunning views. Nearby is our Members Club, where the incredible clubhouse overlooks the 9th and 18th holes. With a full-service pro shop and magnificent dining, most of our members never want to leave, and you will not want to either. In addition to Members Club Enclave, two of our other actively selling neighborhoods to consider are Living Dunes and The Cape. Both are short golf cart rides away from the courses and near many other conveniences. These neighborhoods also offer beautiful views and additional on-site amenities for residents and their families to enjoy every day.

Living in Grande Dunes keeps you close to golf every day. If you work remotely and want the flexibility to golf in the morning before your first Zoom call or right after the workday is over, you have those options. In addition to the Nick Price Members Course, the Resort Course is also nearby, so you have more chances of reserving a tee time that best fits your schedule. For those with families, there are numerous other outstanding amenities everyone can enjoy while you concentrate on perfecting your game.

Millennials, you have injected new life and energy into this long-standing tradition, so consider becoming a resident in Grande Dunes to take your game to the next level. Now is a Grande Time to Visit our community and tour the various neighborhoods, especially the Members Club Enclave. Contact our Members Club at 843-913-1359 to get a feel for what your everyday life could be like.