October 25th, 2023

‘Agrihood’ revolution: Carnes Crossroad community to introduce 11-acre farm amid new amenities

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The Carnes Crossroad community broke ground on some new amenities Wednesday morning.

They will add a lake house, pickleball and tennis courts, and a pool with a water slide. But the major addition will be the 11-acre farm that will be right in the middle of the neighborhood.

The term is called “Agrihood,” which is the process of bringing agriculture into a neighborhood, making the farm accessible to neighbors and more.

The farm will have a staff that will grow all kinds of fruits and vegetables. Once a month, staff will have a farm share program providing each household a share of the harvest.

staff said one of the best parts of the farm is the benefit it can bring to the environment and the people who eat the food.

This agrihood community in Carnes Crossroads will be one of the first in South Carolina.