Programmatic Land Capital

Freehold Capital Management is a prominent land developer in the United States, having expanded significantly over the past 11 years to become one of the largest in the industry. The company operates across 10 states and 12 major statistical areas (MSAs), where it actively develops lots and communities, selling thousands of lots annually to the top public homebuilders in the U.S. Freehold funds its Master Planned Communities and large-scale residential land developments through partnerships with institutional investors and family offices.

As public markets show a preference for land-light strategies and higher returns on equity (ROE) for builders, Freehold has experienced an increase in transactions that involve builders using land banks when closing on lots within its portfolio. Freehold’s program offers off-balance sheet and land development solutions tailored to the needs of select builders. This initiative capitalizes on Freehold’s robust land development platform and extensive builder relationships, addressing a multi-billion dollar need for specialized land financing, and positioning itself as a strategic resource in this evolving market.

Aerial shot of a home development