At FCM, it is a fellowship between neighbors, a shared interest in creating the best possible lifestyle for residents and their families that create great communities. With this in mind, we set out to build communities differently from others by focusing on the wants of the people who live there. Among the very first places we create in a new community are its amenities and lifestyle programming. This allows our founders (the first residents) to take pride of ownership immediately. The heart of each community is the clubhouse, or Hub, where residents can grab their morning coffee or lunch at the Wi-Fi Café or gather community information. They can also talk with the on-site management team, which includes a full-time lifestyle director, or sign up for the many customized lifestyle events. Collecting so many of these amenities inside the Hub allows potential buyers to engage with our residents organically. This innovative approach is a key reason why our residents are so passionate about where they live that they convince a stranger to become their neighbor.